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filling fracture tooth fracture cavity
#6 filling cavity fracture Crown case

Restorative Dentistry

Dental Fillings

1 Surface Filling

1 Surface Filling-$150

2 Surface Filling

2 Surface Filling-$200


MO composite

tooth#303 Surface Filling-$250

Tooth #30 

MOL composite, will like need a root and build and crown 

4 Surface Filling

4 Surface Filling-$300



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1 Surface Dental Filling

tooth #30 occlusal filling Molar Occlusal Filling-$150


occlusal filling

One Surface Cavity

One Surface Cavity-$150


lingual composite

Molar Buccal Filling

Molar Buccal Filling-$150

Tooth #30

buccal composite

Incisor Incisal Filling

Incisor Incisal Filling-$150

Tooth#s 8/9

incisal composite

2 Surface Dental Fillings

2 Surface Filling Premolar

Premolar 2 Surface Composite Filling

Tooth #29

DO composite

2 Surface Filling

Molar 2 Surface Filling


DO composite

Anterior 2 Surface Filling

Anterior 2 Surface Filling

tooth #9

DF composite

Two Surface Cavity

2 Surface Cavity

3 Surface Dental Fillings

3 Surface Filling Anterior

3 Surface Cavity

lingul view of teeth#s 8/9, 

DL composites

3 Surface Cavity

3 Surface Cavity


would likely need a RCT/build/crown 

tooth#303 Surface Cavity

Tooth #30 

MOL composite

Anterior Cavity

3 Surface Cavity

teeth #s 8/9

MIL composite