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Dental Materials

Composite (white fillings)

Dental composites are an indespencible part of the dental world, dental composites come in many differents sizes, shapes and volumes. Dental composites are resin based materials. They help us as dentist to fill preps in the mouth after the cavity has been removed and cleaned. Dental composites come in packable and flowable forms. packable composites have more filler materials to help make them stronger and more durable. Flowable composites have less filler materials and are helpful to fill in areas that are hard to reach or pack in the mouth. Dental composites are light cured and set within seconds after being exposed to the curing light. Dental composites helps us make direct restorations in the mouth. 

flowable                        composite

Flowable composite                                                                                   Packable composite

Dental bonding Agent

bonding agent

bonding agent is used after the cavity has been removed and cleaned and dried. Bonding agent is what helps the composite (flowable or packable stay in place)

Dental ceramics and cements

Dental ceramics also come in many forms and shapes. Dental ceramics helps us to make dental crowns, inlays, onlay, and bridges. Dental ceramics can be fused on-top of metal crowns to help make dental prosthesis more esthetic. They help us make indirect restorations of the mouth. In which a dental impression had to be taken and typically sent to the lab so the lab can fabricate the restoration under different heating conditions. 

PFM crown                                        PFM crown


Rely-x cement

rely-x cement

Glass ionomer cement

glass ionomer cement

In order to get the crown to seat in the mouth in a tooth cement such as rely-x and glass ionomer is utilized. The tooth has to be isolated and dried for the cement to work. Glass ionomer cement is ideal in situation is which the tooth had a lot of decay underneath as glass ionomer release fluoride over its time period which helps prevent further tooth decay. 

Dental alloys (metals)

Metals play a big part in the dental field. Most metals help make indirect restorations of the the mouth through a casting process. Dental alloys can be used to make crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, dentures, implants, retainers, and many other restorations and treatments in the dental world. 


Gold crown

dental alloys

Dental Acrylics

chemical compounds that contain the acryloyl group, for example:Acrylic fiber, Poly(methyl methacrylate), AKA acrylic, acrylic glass, "Plexiglas", Acrylic paint, Acrylic resin, a group of related thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances
Acrylate polymer. 

Acrylics are used in the fabrication of many dental prosthesis. For example denture, orthodontic retainers, dental temporaries, nightguard and more. 


orthodontic resin

dental acrylic