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bridge impression bridge bridge
bridge bridge bridge bridge
bridge bridge bridge before
bridge pier abutment bridge before bridge

Fixed Prosthodontics

Multi-Span Bridge Cementation

Seating Ceramic Crowns 6,7,8,9,10, & 11

Fixed Prosthodontics

Dental Bridges

Six Unit Dental Bridge

Six Unit Bridge-$6000

6X11 bridge

teeth# 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

5 Unit Bridge

5 Unit Bridge -$5000

bridge4 Unit Bridge-$4000

3X6 bridge

teeth#s , 3,4,5,6

3 unit bridge3 Unit Bridge-$3000


PFM Bridge

PFM Bridge 

PFM Bridge Inside

3 unit PFM Bridge Inside

dental bridge

4 Unit Dental Bridge

Anterior 2 Unit Bridge

Anterior 3 Unit Bridge

Dental Maryland Bridges

Premolar Maryland Bridge

Premolar Maryland Bridge

Anterior Maryland Bridge

Anterior Maryland Bridge

7X9 bridge

teeth 7,8,9,

metal helps with better bonding

Anterior Maryland Bridge Closeup

Anterior Maryland Bridge

6X8 bridge 

teeth 6,7,8

Molar Maryland Bridge

Molar Maryland Bridge


maryland bridge

1 Unit Maryland Bridge-$1200

Inwood Dental PC

4 unit bridge

21X18 bridge

teeth #s 18,19,20, 21,

dental bridge

Lower 4 unit bridge

2X5 bridge radiograph

teeth numbers 2,3, 4,5, 

Inwood Dental PC

Posterior maryland bridge

19X21 bridge 


Dental bridges

6X8 maryland bridge

Zirconia maryland bridge

6X8 maryland bridge

3 unit bridge

Teeth#s 6,7,8

Pier abutment bridge

31X29X27 bridge

4 unit bridge

Teeth # 31, 30,29,28, 27

3 on 6 full arch restoration 

6 implants and 3 bridges 

2 on 4 restoration (Dr. Kachepa's innovation)

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