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Patient Exams

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams-$100

This exam is carried out on patients first dental visit and should be redone every 5 years with new x-rays, pictures, models etc

Limited Exam

 Limited  Exam-$50

Typically is tooth or area focused exam, used when a patient is filling pain in a tooth or area of the mouth -a dental x-ray, or intraoral picture maybe taken or antibiotics or pain medications maybe prescribed

Periodic Exam

Periodic Exam-$50

This exam is typically done every 6 months and might include a few bitewing x-rays

Screening Exam

Screening Exam-$50

Screening exam is can be used when seeing a large number of patients as the dentist does not have enough time to take all the diagnostic accesories, such as x-rays, pictures, and casts. the exam involves just simply looking in the patients mouth without taking an hard or digital records

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Intraoral pictures

intraoral image

Slight openbite photo,this patient was undergoing in-office whitening treatment, some patients with tetracycline staining do not get much whiter teeth after whitening whether at home or in office. In this case it might be better to do minimal prep veneers

intraoral image

anterior bite photo-patient has health gums and soft tissue

lower arch

lower arch intraoral picture showing lower crowding which can be fixed with braces or aligners

upper arch

upper arch intraoral picture-intraoral pcitures helps us with diagnosis and treatment plans. This patients has silver fillings in the posterior archs which some patients claim to have toxicity due mercury in them although most of this has not been substanstiated by science

Diagnostic Casts

Mandibular Diagnostic Cast-$50

Diagnotics casts helps us dentist to make treatment plans. This diagnostic cast is made out of yellow stone- Diagnostic casts can be made from yellow stone, white stone, or plastic material materials

Maxillary Diagnostic Cast $50

this diagnostic cast can be used to design the patient treatment plan for removable or fixed partial dentures or dental implants. 

Edentuluos Diagnostic Cast-$50

This diagnostic cast will likely be used in the process to fabricated the patient full upper denture. 

Implant Diagnostic Cast-$50

this cast can be used in the treatment planning for implant in site #14 or 15X13 bridge

Endodontic Exams

Endo Ice Test

Cold test for root canals-$10

Tooth Slot Test

Tooth sloth test for fractured teeth-$10

Finger Palpation Test

Finger palpation test for periapical abscesses-$10

Electric Pulp Test

Electric Pulp Test-$10