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Local anesthetic (numbing medication)

topical anesthetic

Benzocaine 20%

we used benzocaine 20% as our topical anesthetic gel. This is placed in the area that we are intending to numb for 2 minutes. After applying benzocaine for 2 minutes then local anesthetic can be administered to the patient. Below are the local anesthetics we use. 


Lidocaine HCL 2% and epinephrine 1:100000 is our commonly used local anesthetic. This anesthetic works well in the majority of patients. However in patients with heart conditions, lidocaine is not to be used as the epinephrine can speed up the heart rate and cause other negative effects. 



prilocaine HCL comes in hand in patients with heart conditions. Prilocaine does not contain epinephrine which speeds up the heart. In cases with patients with heart conditions this is the medication with used to get treatment done. 



we used septocaine in our clinic to numb difficult numbing areas of the mouth. Sometimes when a patient has an infection in the tooth, getting the patient numb is very difficult, septocaine comes in hand as we can infiltrate the PDL and get the patient numb with greater success.