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Fundemental protocols


Remakes are usually requested when a patient has had a removal prosthesis such a denture, nightguard, whitening trays. When these prostheis have been made and do not fit accurately, it is important to let us know as soon as possible so we can proceed with the remake. 

Please call our office number, 972-233-2341, to schedule an appointment as soon as possible if there is a problem with your prothesis . Re-makes done within 3 months after treatment may be subject to lab fees and labor fee. Please call us to discuss.


Although rare retreatsa can be done on procedures such as root canal, crowns, fillings, and more


adjustments in the dental field are not usual at all. Dental treatment typically takes time to used to having something new in your mouth. For example after a dentue has been delivered, it is not unusal to see the patient on a weekly basis for up to 6 weeks to make adjustments. In other cases crowns and fillings and more all need adjustments. 


Cases in which a refund maybe made is when a patient overpaid for their portion fo the insurance coverage. Also in cases in which unsatisfactory work has been done by our team. 

Status change

if you have had a change in your medical status, dental insurance, work, or home address please let us know in advance so we can better communicate with you going forward.