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cosmetic crowding aligners class 3
mild crowding veneer case edge to edge veneer case
diastema diastema diastema after diastema after

Our Orthodontic Treatments


Full Arch Metal Braces -$4600

Phase 1 Treatment Braces phase I  -$4800 

ceramic braces

ceramic braces


Orthodontic Non-extractions cases

Upper Crowding

Upper Crowding

mild crowdingMild crowding

edge to edge slight upper crowding, and lower spacing

Anterior Open Bite open bite

orthodontic extractions cases

serial extractions

serial extraction


extraction case

upper/lower crowding

extraction case before


extraction case after

Orthodontic Retainers 

Hawley Orthodontic RetainerHawley Orthodontic Retainer 


Essix Retainer

Fixed Upper Retainer

Fixed Maxillary Retainer

retainerHawley retainers