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Inwood Dental PC
Implant + Braces Center


3M scanner

Digital impression system that  is redefining the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry with an unprecedented efficiency, accuracy and reliability and can be used to create: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, partials, clear aligners, mouth guards, orthodontic appliances and models. We are currently in process of implementing this amazing technology in our clinic. We believe this will allow us to provide amazing treatment to our patients in a timely manner. 

3m scanner

3D model

3D model

Digital X-rays

At Inwood we take digital x-rays which develop seconds within pressing the exposure button. We trying to limit the amount of radiation exposure to each patient as too much exposure can lead to cancer. Also if you are pregnant its best to let us know that way we can avoid taking x-rays. 

digital x-rays

digital impressions

Intraoral cameras

At inwood dental we utilize intraoral photos to help us better explain treatment plans to our patients and to also help us with diagnosing dental problems. The implementation of intraoral photos has enhance our clinic communication with dental insurance companies. 


intraoral photos

Caries Detection with light Transillumination

Teeth are translucent, passing light through them helps us detective caries and teeth fractures

caries detect

caries detect


electrosurgery       electrosurgery for gum contouring