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Inwood Dental PC
Implant + Braces Center


Inwood dental PC  is often recognized in the media. Here are summaries of our latest accomplishments. Our commitment to affordable Dental and healthcare around the global will never waiver. We are in the process of making dental care and healthcare accessible and affordable around the global. it is our life goal that through franchizing and fair upfront pricing dentistry and healthcare can be accessible and affordable to all population groups around the world. 

Our business model  will continue to change as we embarke on this difficult but achievable journey. This intels hiring and training people to work in our business wow also remaining profitable 

Chongwe, Zambia  chongwe We now have electricity at this location, this was a 2 year process but after numerous attempts by my brother we where able to get power to this location, this location needs water tanks, sewer system, painting, dental chairs, employees and more, 
10 miles, Zambia 10 miles We have applied for electrical license at this location and are awaiting the electric company to come and get up us and running. 

10 Miles, Zambia

10 miles second location 10 miles Zambia our organization has been blessed again with a second location in 10 miles Zambia, we are growing and progressing but the challenges ahead remain great

6 miles, Zambia

6 miles This locations needs electrical fixtures,we have however applied for electrical license and awaiting to get the final quote before we proceed forward to get power here. 

Chunga, Zambia

Dental dental

In 2023 our business was blessed with this new location and we started construction, our workers are hungry for work and we are excited to provide them with work as we grow our business

Haskell, Texas 

211N 1st , Haskell, Texas 79521

haskell texas

 some renovations have been completed on this location, we are now looking for a Dentist to help run the office, the Dentist would lease the office/equipment from us and get business support from our organization, 

The lease is $3600/month, security deposit, $6000 for this location

if you are a dentist and want to run your own practice in a beautiful small town this might be your opportunity to excel 

Muskogee, Oklahoma

635 S 32ND ST, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401-5012

muskogee oklahoma

This location was leased out and is operated by the Rojas family as a Mexican food restaurant, if you are in Muskogee, Oklahoma help support this business so they can be a success. 


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